The Association for Balancing Life Energy recognizes it's not possible to promise any specific results, that testimonials are selective, and that they are not fully representative of everyone’s experience.

Further, testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome from participating in ABLE.

Still, we hope they will give you a sense of the wide-ranging benefits that may flow from participating in ABLE.

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Emotional Detachment / Deep Sense of Peace / Less Stress / Less Drama / Emotional Stability

I was noticing some positive things such as being less reactive to old patterns that tend to push my buttons. Have been able to remain more calm. And my family, especially my X-husband has been a real challenge this year in particular.   In general, have been feeling less overwhelmed. There seem to be more positive moments in my life, and periods of peace. I felt something positive and subtle … [Read more...]

Emotional Detachment / More Compassion / Improved Mental Clarity / Improved Intuition / Increased Positive Coincidences and Synchronicities

Since joining ABLE two months ago my life is clicking. My business has expanded in exciting ways, and feel my intuitive sense about client projects is improving. I have more clarity with respect to both my work and my personal life. Compared to before ABLE, it is as though a haze has been lifted. In addition, my relationships are easier, in that I don't take things personally as much as before I … [Read more...]

Emotional Detachment / More Ability to Give and Receive Love / More Awareness / More Personal Power / Quicker Processing of Negative Emotions


Before I was on ABLE I was more reactive, and tended to take things personally, and become defensive. I took the negative notions to be true and they affected me. I had this tendency my whole life. I think what the ABLE prayer wheel has done is helped me open my heart to the positive. I helps me see the role I'm playing in negative experiences, and allow myself to transform them at any moment. I … [Read more...]

Emotional Detachment / Emotional Stability / More Motivation / Mental Clarity

Before joining ABLE I had less clarity about my future career path. After being on ABLE for about nine months, I am a experiencing much more clarity and focus about what sort of professional future I want to create for myself. My motivation and drive to pursue my career goals has greatly increased and I have been taking active steps toward attaining them. In addition, my ability to remain calm in … [Read more...]

More Energy

Since being on ABLE I have half hours during the day when I feel young, healthy and enthusiastic, and I haven't felt that in a long, long time. I am a 74-year old grossly obese diabetic.  I was walking up a hill, breathing hard, exhausted, taking little steps and I heard and saw some wild geese in the sky. I am a Wild Goose Chi Gong devotee. All of a sudden I was not tired, and walked up the hill … [Read more...]

More Mental Clarity / Improved Intuition / More Personal Power / Increased Positive Coincidences

Joining ABLE has been a fascinating experience. The first thing that happened is that two different practitioners who I had been dreaming up for a few years were easily accessed through a simple search online.  This is something that felt overwhelming in the past and I had expected that the practitioners with all the qualities I was hoping for would be next to impossible to find at an affordable … [Read more...]

Emotional Stability / Processing of Negative Emotions

I noticed a shift in my ability to process negative emotions more rapidly since being on ABLE. Before I joined ABLE, I had a stressful event which took me quite a while (weeks) to get over and get back to normal life. Since joining ABLE, I have had a similar event occur, and I was able to process the emotion, and return to equilibrium much quicker, in a matter of hours. The processing of emotion … [Read more...]

Dog Limping / Dog Lameness / Less Discomfort

Walter Dog Before ABLE Walter Dog After ABLE (July 31 2014) In January 2013, Walter, at 2 years of age, came in from playing outdoors limping and in pain.  After more than a month of rest and no improvement, the vet recommended surgery to shave his bicep tendon.  The vet believed it was pressing against his shoulder preventing Walter’s front leg from extending forward as it should. The … [Read more...]

More Awareness

Seems like ABLE started to work with me the moment I decided to sign up. Since joining, I am experiencing an easier balance between work and leisure. I experience more moment-to-moment mindfulness in both. To my delight, my work appears to be evolving to the next level of professionalism and impact on my clients’ consciousness. At the same time, it is difficult to discern what benefits in my life … [Read more...]

More Energy / More Motivation

Before being on ABLE, I had lower self-esteem, energy and motivation. In addition, my work environment was stressful and unsatisfying. Since being on ABLE for about three months, my motivation and energy level has rebalanced, and I am holding my work situation with more lightness. I consider ABLE to be a very valuable resource on my personal path and in rebalancing my entire well-being. S.R. … [Read more...]