The Association for Balancing Life Energy recognizes it’s not possible to promise any specific results, that testimonials are selective, and that they are not fully representative of everyone’s experience.  Further, testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome from participating in ABLE.  Still, we hope they will give you a sense of the wide-ranging benefits that may flow from participating in ABLE.

A.M. (Person, Washington, D.C)

This is a testimonial about my observations of my father’s changes with ABLE. Before being on ABLE, my father had a chronic condition, and was tired, and easily winded. He had lost his appetite, had lost a lot of weight, lost his libido, and lost interest in his daily activities. He felt weak, and wanted me to visit him daily, and keep him company and encourage him to eat. He became very needy and wanted to go anywhere and everywhere with me vs. driving anywhere on his own. He didn’t want to be left alone. He even went and sat in the hair salon with me! This was very very uncharacteristic of a man who did everything on his own and whom I normally didn’t hear from as he was so wrapped up on his own life. This chronic situation had been going on for months with little change and the persistent low grade fever was indicating that something was still brewing, and made every day activities seem overwhelming. Upon joining ABLE, everything seemed to turn on a dime. The chronic daily fever stopped in its tracks. He felt his strength returning, which translated to his independently going shopping and cooking his own food again enthusiastically. His energy returned and he was able to do his daily weight lifting and once again looked forward to his lengthy walks and his pace got peppier each day, versus feeling like drudgery. He began driving longer distances on the highway again to see his grandchildren’s sporting events, and the real indicator was that he reported that “all systems were operational” as a female visitor had come from out of town!

Alexis (Person, California)

Before being on ABLE, I had less clarity about the direction of my professional life. Since being on ABLE for several months, I have been more motivated regarding my professional life, and I can say now that I am focused on a path more aligned with my deep interests. I don’t know for sure if ABLE helped this, but the timing is quite interesting!

A. Rae (Person, California)

Since becoming a part of the ABLE system, I feel like I have been more balanced at every level. It takes an increasing amount of dramatic events to destabilize me. I just had a test of that Thursday that I can actually use as a concrete example. There was a series of five  things that all happened back to back and overlapping. If they had happened prior to becoming part of the ABLE system, I would have either totally lost it, or gone to bed and pulled the covers over my head, or gotten totally depressed, or just dysfunctional. My email got hacked, and over three hundred addresses disappeared with no way to recover them except one at at time. So that was incident one. The refrigerator died in the middle of the night and leaked gooey, green gunk allover every place and spoiled stuff both in the freezer and the refrigerator. My son called and said his car had been totaled by a hit and run driver. Fortunately, he was not injured. And then there was a time critical urgent need to handle something with a client. There was actually a fifth one, something that needed to be handled for a close friend in a convalescent hospital. Now, if all those five things had happened back to back and overlapping before, there’s no way I could have stayed balanced. So, my thanks to ABLE for what I perceive to be the energy that was gifted to me through the system to stay balanced.


Annabelle (Cat, California)


I have a noteworthy observation about the ABLE system. When I made the decision to put my cat Annabelle on ABLE, and cut her nail samples, she started behaving as though something in our house was new. After cutting her nails, she began to sniff every part of the house, and continued this for the next few hours. The behavior was not at all normal for her. I believe that the ABLE energy transmissions to Annabell had started when I made the decision to put her on ABLE, and she was reacting to the ABLE energy. She is a very environmentally sensitive animal in general, and flinches at every noise or stimulus. I believe this sensitivity enabled her to sense the new energy which came her way when I made the decision for her to join ABLE. This is of course before her nail samples made it into the ABLE system. Wow! This seems to directly show the importance of the intention/permission of the owner of animal members of ABLE.

Over the past few months since joining ABLE, Annabelle has become more vocal, more affectionate, and more eager to play. The change is great!


Annie (Person, California)

My daughter started on ABLE on October 15 2014. Within 2 weeks I noticed a significant shift in our interactions and an elimination of her irrational health fears. She is 9 years old and we would spend 30 minutes of bedtime talking about her worry about her health. I began to dread bedtime. So it was very dramatic and noticeable when this stopped almost completely. She is a figure skater and ballet dancer, and has predictable issues with her feet (soreness, calluses and bone spurs from wearing ice skates many hours and demanding practices). She would constantly be asking if she needed surgery on her feet. She cannot even pronounce surgery and no one in our family has had surgery so I don’t even know where this fear came from. She also gets red spots for various reasons (she plays soccer, gets bug bites, or dry skin), and asks if she will die from it. No amount of reassurance would satisfy her, her fears were irrational. Since she joined able there have been only a handful of these sorts of irrational comments. (vs. 30 minutes a day managing these fears). I was amazed at the shift because not only did the symptom go away but now our bedtime conversation was about the boys in her classroom which made me feel her life was now visible to me, I knew her feelings, thoughts and commentary on what was happening at school. For her school is a social event that is occasionally interrupted by her teachers, and I felt like I could enter into her world as our conversation was not filled with irrational health fears. I began to look forward to hearing her stories and questions and so the change was sudden and I felt so close to her as I had not in a while. My frustration at trying to manage her fears probably made our connection harder too. Now I have a whole new problem – worry that I have a 9 year old whose boy-crazy! But at least that is normal developmentally and I know what is going on in her world.

Because the change was so noticeable, even though it was hard to believe and it happened within 2 weeks I searched for possible alternative explanations – what else had changed? There was not one other possible alternative explanation I could think of. I believe ABLE was the most direct cause as the timing coincided with her start on ABLE. I believe because she is so young and doesn’t have other physical or emotional problems this symptom was able to clear quickly through subtle energy. Incidentally my son and I have been on able for substantially longer and I have not noticed discrete shifts with either of us. I suspect my daughter was an ideal receiver and had a minimal symptom which allowed an obvious and dramatic change to be observed. I’m pretty amazed to see a change that seems almost certainly to be effected remotely!!!!

Bear (Dog, California)


My dog Bear, he is a pure bred German shepherd. And I adopted him, I rescued him two years ago. He was with a previous guardian probably since he was a puppy. He was raised to be a guard dog and I believe he was very abused and beaten and I don’t know what else went on there. But when I got him he was very skinny. Where he was thin you could see his ribs. He was obviously malnourished. Not taken care of. He was very afraid. And that took a while. It’s been two years now that he’s been with me. It took a long time for him to trust me and knowing I would not hurt him or abuse him or hit him or anything like that. Any time I had something in my hand, a garden tool or whatever, he would run away. If I gave a treat to my two other dogs and they come and get it from my hand, he would not do that. He would run away. I suspect he was beaten for taking food. Because as a guard dog you’re not supposed to, you know, whatever. My assumption. Anyway, he’s done remarkable progress but in the last two months, he’s been on the ABLE system for the last two months. September 12 I believe was the date he’s been on with me. And my two other dogs followed two days after that. It’s been remarkable. He’s now playful. He didn’t know how to play when I got him. He couldn’t play with the other two brother dogs. He’s playful now. He goes and plays with them. He has a problem with his hip. He has been having that since I got him. He’s so much better. He’s able to run. He still has a problem but not as acute as it was before. And I really believe that since he was on ABLE, that has dramatically shifted. He’s coming to get love. He wants love. He wants me to pet him. Before he would not. He would just stay aloof and away. He eats really well. He’s enjoying his food. Anyway, all I can say is it’s almost like rejuvenating. That’s my testimony.

Chip (Cat, Texas)


My beloved cat was dying; he was getting ready to pass on. Within 24 hours of ABLE starting to work on him, he started to return to, I would say, his normal self. He began to move around the house; his appetite increased; his personality came back and he had no more asthma attacks. We had two of the most beautiful weeks where he was actually getting better and I got to fully enjoy who he was.

Beforehand, he was hanging out in dark places like the back of the closet for probably 20 hours a day. He would come out for a little bit, and just lay on the floor. He would drink and eat a little bit and then go back to the dark place. And he was, oh my God, moaning at night. Within 24 hours of this work on him, he totally reversed. He was out 20 hours a day and in the closet for four hours. It was that striking of a difference. It wasn’t like “gee, I think maybe I’m seeing an improvement.” It was a striking and clear improvement.

It was amazing! He was jumping back up on my lap. He was sleeping with me up on the bed and it was like we were back to normal even though we knew he was transitioning. He acted like, yea, I’m going to enjoy this time, transitioning. It was like night and day.

C.M. (Person, California)

From my first day in joining ABLE, I felt a renewed sense of energy and vitality. I had a heightened sense of awareness that could not be explained otherwise. Over the course of weeks and months, I felt subtle changes in my beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that led to personal transformation in areas where I had previously felt stuck. I would notice something had shifted and think, “Oh that’s different,” or notice a response that was not the same as before.

I believe that ABLE, based on prayer technology, is uniquely valuable and effective.  Having seen several members undergo their own transformation, I would say it allows us to be full participants in our own healing and rebalancing, choosing what we want to focus on and allowing us to integrate a wide spectrum of healing energies. No other program that I have seen or experienced has given me such choice or empowerment. I have felt profound gratitude for the opportunity to be part of ABLE. I have highly recommended it to people who I felt were ready to receive and participate fully in this opportunity. I am excited to see what new developments will emerge in this program.


C.M. (Person, California) Follow-up testimony

Since joining ABLE about 18 months ago, I feel it has accelerated profoundly my personal growth and transformation. I knew I needed to get stronger in being able to make choices about where I show up and how I use my energy to support others. As a result of ABLE, I am now so much more self-loving and grounded in my communication with others — saying “yes” or “no” appropriately to requests and being clear and firm in my decision. I feel ABLE has strengthened who I am at the core. It is empowering me to be more authentic and clear with myself and others. My awareness of what I needed to change has grown, and I am taking the steps more confidently and effectively to do that. Thank you ABLE for this tremendous, life-altering support!


Carlton (Person, Pennysilvania)

Before I was on ABLE I was more reactive, and tended to take things personally, and become defensive. I took the negative notions to be true and they affected me. I had this tendency my whole life. I think what the ABLE prayer wheel has done is helped me open my heart to the positive. I helps me see the role I’m playing in negative experiences, and allow myself to transform them at any moment. I am less reactive to challenging negative situations or personalities. Now I am able to let those negative sentiments pass by me without impacting me, and react in a more compassionate and loving manner.

Fundamentally, I have more confidence in myself, which allows me to not take things personally, and be more loving to myself and to those around me. Furthermore, I now have clearer boundaries about what I need and don’t need. I feel I have more choices about how I respond to people, and there is less pain and more love in my heart.

Before I was on ABLE, I was uncomfortable sleeping alone in a bed, and now since I am on ABLE, I feel stronger and confident, and I am ABLE to sleep by myself. These are major change in my life, and helped me improve longstanding patterns, and I am much happier! Thank you ABLE!


Dori (Dog, California)

Dori is black lab, and we got her seven years ago. She is a former guide dog for an elderly woman. The woman had dementia, and often forgot to feed her dog. The lack of feeding by the previous owner left the dog emaciated and traumatized. Dori had fears about getting enough to eat, and when it was feeding time, she would always eat the food for our other dog first, before she would eat her own. She was always anxious about getting enough food, especially around feeding time. Since joining ABLE three months ago, Dori has become much more calm about food, and now lets the other dog eat its food without trying to steal it. She is calm, and knows she will get her food. The calmness is there not just around food, but is generalized, and she has a much calmer overall demeanor. I believe ABLE has helped Dori heal her previous trauma, and I am very grateful for that!! Thanks ABLE!

Not only has ABLE helped our dog Dori overcome her food trauma, but she has become more loving, affectionate, and interactive. We had Dori for six years before she joined ABLE joining three months ago. Since joining, Dori has definitely changed, and is displaying new affectionate behaviors. She now wants to be with me more. She pushes my arm and wants affection and interaction more. She is more vocal now, and she talks to me. We have our own “doggie language,” and I love Dori even more now, and we are definitely closer. This is a rather striking shift since she joined ABLE only a few months ago. I am delighted!!!

A miracle happened with our black lab Dori. Three months ago, she suffered a stroke and her legs were paralyzed. We considered putting her down, and I think most people would have done so. But I sensed Dori wanted to live, and I wanted her to live too. So I cared for her for two weeks straight with a doggie diaper and pushing her around in her doggy bed. I fed her very healthy food, and offered prayers for her often. While praying, I asked ABLE to help her, and sent her light through my hands. Then a miracle occurred! After two weeks, she got up and started walking! Soon she walked outside and resumed her doggie habits. I am amazed! She can even walk backwards now. Her recovery is nearly complete, and this is remarkable since a stroke for an older dog would normally be the end. I feel ABLE has supported her miraculous recovery.

DoriAfterStroke Dori immediately after stroke. Dori3weksAfterStrokeDori three weeks after stroke.


E.D. (Person, California)

I injured my wrist a while back, and the only thing the doctors could do about was give me a cortisone shot, which I didn’t like, but it has helped not having pain because I could do absolutely nothing with my left hand. So that was a while ago, maybe a year ago. Recently, maybe three months ago, I re-injured my wrist. I don’t know what I did. I do a lot of things, and I live alone, so I have to have both hands. I was in a lot of pain. Immediately I called upon GJ with gratitude, and asked for help, and almost immediately I was able to use my wrist. The pain was not totally gone (though it’s gone now). The pain was still there, but I could use my wrist, and not feeling like I can’t, like before. So I find it remarkable, just to piggy-back on what GJ said to us through Amaeya … I do call on GJ a lot I must say for whatever is going on in my body, and for help with whatever, and I don’t hesitate. I call on GJ, I call on other high sources as well, ascended masters or whoever, my archangels. But I am very conscious about doing that, and I’m very grateful, because I always get some help, and I’m not programming which way it will come. I just expect it in whatever is for my highest good, and I’m so grateful. So I hope it helps.

Ginger (Person, California)

I have been on my own healing journey for much of my life, and being on ABLE for the past few weeks, it feels like it has been on fast forward. Before being on ABLE I suffered from low energy and sadness. After being on ABLE, I experienced these energy surges which were quite powerful. They may have been a type of cleansing, and now I am highly energized, and the sense of depression-like feeling is not there at all. In addition, my stress level is better, and I am able to take things on. Furthermore, my motivation to become more creative, organized, and physically active has gone way up.


H.P. (Person, New Jersey)

Before joining ABLE, my 93 year old mother was on hospice care, and taking several prescription drugs. She had severe up and down emotional bouts, as well as irrational health fears. Since joining ABLE five months ago, she has had an absolutely amazing improvement. She is much more peaceful and emotionally regulated. Her irrational health fears have gone away! And what is more amazing is she is no longer in hospice, and does not need any more of her prescriptions. Her overall wellness and hardiness is improving. This is remarkable, because before she was on ABLE, she was in a decline. My sister visits her almost every day, and has noticed the remarkable shifts as well. Thanks to ABLE, it looks like mom can live out the rest of her days with more comfort, and better quality of life.


Imani (Cat, California)

Before ABLE, my 18 year old cat Imani was mangy and skinny. I was thinking that she might not live long. Since joining ABLE, her coat is fuller, she is beefier and more hearty, and she is an important part of our family. She was at the vet recently, and her blood work came back very good. The vet was very impressed. I think now she might be with us for many years to come!


Jenny (Person, California)

On June 8, 2014, I was entered into the ABLE system after having filled out the form and submitted my nail clippings. On June 9, I woke up with the following dream:

A doctor and nurses were checking in on me after a medical procedure telling me I had too much mineral in me

I noticed that the dream reflected the diagnosis of an imbalance. I thought the timing of the dream was remarkable given that ABLE means Association for Balancing Life Energy. I had not had any recent dreams signifying the idea of imbalance.

Later in the day this theme was to be stunningly amplified in an incredible synchronicity that led to me meet a physician (in a business setting not medical setting) who gave me specific information about an amino acid to treat the condition I was seeking help for.  On June 8 I was entered into the ABLE system and within 24 hours I had a dream about imbalance and a synchronistic meeting that led to a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. I joined ABLE not knowing what to expect but received information very quickly that set me on the path to rebalancing. I am excited to see what happens next!

J.E. (Person, California)

Since joining the ABLE community, I’ve experienced a remarkable change now that I have gone 132 days without eating any refined sugar. 
Before ABLE, I would typically eat some kind of dessert every day and I’ve been struggling with this negative habit for most of my life. This shift was catalyzed by a conversation on an ABLE community conference call regarding how sugar consumption reduces receptivity to the ABLE energy transmissions, and I was tremendously inspired to do what I knew I needed to do to have a more fulfilling spiritual connection.
The systemic effect of this simple change has been astonishing.  I’ve let go of more than 40 pounds of body weight and I just had the first dessert free holiday season that I can remember.  I discovered that I’m not having sugar cravings partly because I’m not consuming chemicals that are designed to cause these cravings, and also because I’ve joined this group of people who are gathering together for the purpose of positively contributing to our planet.
In other words, because of my participation within the ABLE community, I’m able to do something now that I previously thought was not possible. 
I have definitely noticed a steady rise in my spiritual connection since joining ABLE and since I first began connecting with the ABLE community last July. I don’t quite know what to attribute that increase in peacefulness/connection to because I’m involved in a number of different spiritual practices. What I do know is that the most important thing I’ve learned from this whole experience is that isolation is at the root cause of my problems, and being part of a collective of like-minded, supportive friends (on the community calls) has been a surprisingly wonderful cure.
So, I am incredibly grateful for this far more life enhancing context for being as healthy as I can be, and I hope that my message here can serve as a source of hope for someone else who is ready to do something new.


Linda (Person, Louisiana)

I have been on ABLE for about two months, and already I am noticing some subtle but powerful shifts. I have had several challenging personal interactions involving conflict recently. Before ABLE, I would have more tendency to be and emotionally engulfed. Now, I have noticed that I can be more detached and less personally “hooked in” to the situation. This shift allows me to be more compassionate with the person I am interacting with, and see the situation more objectively, even though it is involving conflict. I feel that ABLE is amplifying my ability to be mature and detached.
Another shift I have noticed relates to my ability to “stand in my truth.” Before ABLE, my pattern in conflicting situations would be to either cave in, or totally blow up. Now I feel more likely to speak my authentic truth with calm power, and have more authenticity in the process. I feel more tapped into my root power of my being, which allows me to be who I am even in stressful situations. While the shift has been present before ABLE, it seems to be accelerated since joining.
Also, I have less tendency to get sucked into drama. My awareness of when the energy is “off” in a personal interaction is clearer. This enables me to catch and avoid dramatic episodes in the moment, before they have a chance to occur. I can notice when other people are getting caught in drama with more clarity, and see the choices they make with clarity too. I feel more inspired to hold a higher frequency of love and compassion.
I have been through a lot of tough situations earlier in my life, and I feel a lot of that trauma and negativity is transmuting into strength for me. ABLE seems to be accelerating and supporting these shifts, and I am interested to see how things progress with ABLE going forward.


L.D. (Person, California)

“In 2012, the mitral valve in my heart was repaired.  My blood pressure was slightly high before and afterwards and I was prescribed a blood pressure medication.  I experienced some tension and ups and downs in energy.  I went on the ABLE system in Sept 2014.  Within 2+ months of being on the system, I began experiencing less tension, my energy has become more normalized and I have cut the dosage of my blood pressure medication by half.  I am not 100% sure if this is due to ABLE or not but the timing is interesting.”


L.P. (Person, California)

I noticed a shift in my ability to process negative emotions more rapidly since being on ABLE. Before I joined ABLE, I had a stressful event which took me quite a while (weeks) to get over and get back to normal life. Since joining ABLE, I have had a similar event occur, and I was able to process the emotion, and return to equilibrium much quicker, in a matter of hours. The processing of emotion is not necessarily easier, but it does seem to go much quicker, and I can only attribute that remarkable shift to being on ABLE.


Marie (Person, New York)

One thing I have noticed over the past six months of being on ABLE are the increased positive coincidences and synchronicities in my life. Specifically, a number of high caliber people have showed up to work with me. While I can’t say for sure if ABLE played a role, the timing of the increased support is interesting, and I am grateful for the relationships that resulted.


Max (Dog, California)


We got our dog Max when he was a puppy. Before he joined ABLE, Max had hurt his leg, and his energy was low. He was lethargic, and didn’t move much, and when he did, he moped around. Most people would have given up on their dog in this situation. Since joining ABLE a few months ago, Max is more mobile, and he seems stronger and happier now. Although his leg is still a little sore, it is much better. He wants to be around me now more, and he is more social, more than ever actually! I have company now, while before he would just sit in one place and not interact. I am so happy with Max’s improvements. It is like he is rejuvenated!

M.V. (Person, California)

I have been on the ABLE system for 2.5 months.  Here are some of the changes I have noticed in my life.  My awareness is much more acute.  I am able to stay in a higher positive state of mind.  Many of the events that trouble my life are no longer of such high stress.  I no longer see them as negative emotions as I felt them before.  The events are still happening but they don’t affect me in such a negative way. The event itself is just an experience.  It no longer has power over me.  I no longer worry about it so much.  This applies to some of the traumas that I’ve experienced in my past.  It has become easier to let go of events that took place when I was a child and when I was married to my last husband.  I am in a much happier state of mind everyday.  Before this was true on and off.  The difference is that now it’s more permanent.
I am a single mother of 4 girls and we live on one income.  My three younger daughters are also on the ABLE system.  It seems to be helping us to stay in a much happier state.  We can solve some of our difficult mood swings in an easier way.  We are five girls in this household and we all have different personalities.  It is a challenge to make sure we are all happy and in a good emotional place with each other. We are now able to talk about our emotions and solve our differences without so much distress like before. 
I am so grateful for the ABLE system and for G.J.  Sometimes I ask for personal help from G.J. on some difficult situations in my life, like when I have to defend my children’s right in court.
I feel very light physically and uplifted mentally since I have been on the system.  I send my best wishes to all of you and hope that the system works for you as well as it does for me.  Blessings, M.V.


Nimbus (Cat, California)


My cat Nimbus had a cyst on her ear that was in a continuous cycle of engorging and the bursting with blood. When the growth would grow as large as a blueberry that would block her ear canal, it would pop and shed blood all over our home. My poor cat (and I!) seemed bothered by this as she would rub her ear against furniture to make the growth burst. She is old and not very active in general, but her concern with her ear seemed to make her exceptionally lethargic.

Since being on ABLE, the cyst no longer gets engorged. It has shrunk dramatically and appears as if it has been cauterized. Nimbus no longer pays any attention to it, and she seems much more comfortable as a well as more energetic. I am thrilled that she is on ABLE because it has made an intolerable condition  completely acceptable. It has not disappeared completely but it is hardly any longer on either of our minds. I was told by the vet that the only help for this situation is surgery. In addition to th expense, I absolutely did NOT want to put my 19-year-old cat under the knife of anesthesia. ABLE transformed an upsetting condition into a very welcome experience of effortless healing. Personally, I felt my cat was being loved by a greater power even than my own love for her and for this, I am so very grateful! Thank you ABLE!

Peter Bulliard (Person, Louisiana)
In 1998, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that left my brain feeling foggy.  The diagnosis was a wake-up call for me that started me on a long and deep healing journey that included allopathic medicine and many energy healing modalities.  On Aug 19, 2014, I went on the ABLE system.  The next day, I felt a tremendous sense of clarity.  I didn’t realize how foggy I felt until I experienced a renewed sense of clarity.  Thank you ABLE.  


Sarah A. (Person, California)

To make a long long story short, I have not always remembered to set the intention to receive the able energies every day since I became a member in August, but I’ve experienced some major life altering events since then, – the most important being that I finally left my spouse of ten years because he was abusive. I believe that being a part of ABLE certainly helped give me the strength I needed (and still do need, quite frankly) to walk this particular path. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I know in the long run my children and I will be much happier, healthier, and better once life falls back into some semblance of order. The past few months have been tumultuous, but I can certainly say that my children and I are no longer stuck in an abusive, toxic, and chaotic situation. I admit that I do have to deal with depression and anxiety but I’m slowly healing and becoming a better person and I want to ultimately be able to help those in similar situations. At times I feel lost, but I try to take it a day at a time and look at it as a learning experience I chose for this lifetime!
Thank you all so very sincerely for the work that you do – it’s life altering and nothing short of incredible!


Sheila D. (Person, California)

I have experienced many changes since joining ABLE. I have been working deeply on self growth this year, so it is hard to know what changes are from ABLE, and how much is a product of my efforts. I now have more emotional detachment from situations. Before ABLE, I would be “hooked in” more easily, and emotionally entangled in events. I now feel a liberation in recognizing my independence from events and relationships of the past. For me, there is a deep bliss in this detachment.
In addition, since joining ABLE, I have developed an inner calm that is quite powerful. It is like a “landing pad” for my being. I’m not sure how else to describe it, other than a deep sense of peace and calm.
Another change is that I have more of a deeper insight in to the nature of the reality. I am questioning the values and standards that I have pursued in the past, and societal norms. I feel I am moving to towards a more authentic and independent emotional existence for myself.
Another change is my relationship with my husband. He is on ABLE as well, we have experienced more freshness and aliveness in our relationship, and more freedom from old stories.
I am very grateful for being part of the ABLE system, and while I am unsure of exactly how it works, I feel I am benefiting from it, and it has an important role in the (continuing) blossoming of my life


Sheila D. (Person, California)

When the new prayer wheel came on line Jan 29, I felt a huge surge in my energy that day, which has maintained itself since then. I can feel that my metabolism has re-set to a higher level. My brain is functioning like it did ten years ago. I wake up alert and eager to begin the day. Colors are brighter. I am lighter. It’s like I’ve stepped into another world.

On Friday January 30, I lost my notes on my computer while preparing to speak at a faith-based women’s retreat for the weekend. Rather than panic, I simply made a few new notes and moved forward into the weekend “ad lib”. Many times over that weekend, I felt as if I was channeling energy straight into the group. We were speaking about honoring the complexity and wonder of the body/spirit connection, and practicing letting go of old patterns that reside in our minds and bodies. The healing energy was palpable, and the feedback from the women was tremendous.

I’ve been journaling what’s occurring as best I am able, to capture some themes and impressions, but mostly I’m just moving through my days in delight, and getting a ton of stuff done. The upsurge of synergy, flow, and connection is nothing short of transformative.

It’s been like someone just flipped a switch. Now I understand that’s precisely what happened!

This is a really big deal for me.

Filled with Gratitude,

Sheila D.



Sharon (Person, California)

I have noticed shifts in three areas. First, I feel more calm and centered while under stress. Before ABLE, in stressful situations my ability to think clearly and stay true to my  feelings was lessened. Now, I have a greater sense of calm and confidence, which is especially noticeable in pressure situations. As a consequence, I trust myself more. Second, my awareness of my own intuitive hunches is greater. Before, intuitive signals would sometimes pass me by. Now, I am able to catch them, and sense them before they get away with greater facility. Third, my voice would sometimes be impaired by allergic reactions. Since being on ABLE, my voice is functioning much clearer, in spite of allergic issues.

S.R. (Person, California)

Before being on ABLE, I had lower self-esteem, energy and motivation. In addition, my work environment was stressful and unsatisfying. Since being on ABLE for about three months, my motivation and energy level has rebalanced, and I am holding my work situation with more lightness. I consider ABLE to be a very valuable resource on my personal path and in rebalancing my entire well-being.


Susan C. (Person, California)

Seems like ABLE started to work with me the moment I decided to sign up. Since joining, I am experiencing an easier balance between work and leisure. I experience more moment-to-moment mindfulness in both. To my delight, my work appears to be evolving to the next level of professionalism and impact on my clients’ consciousness. At the same time, it is difficult to discern what benefits in my life come specifically from ABLE, and what come from my zigzag path of personal growth, spiritual practice, and deepening in my relationships. Several friends and my therapist also joined ABLE, and I have also observed them become more balanced and easy in their inner and outer worlds. Perhaps we are all helping each other as we open to ABLE. 


Walter (Cocker Spaniel, Virginia)

Walter Before ABLE

Walter After ABLE (July 31 2014)

In January 2013, Walter, at 2 years of age, came in from playing outdoors limping and in pain.  After more than a month of rest and no improvement, the vet recommended surgery to shave his bicep tendon.  The vet believed it was pressing against his shoulder preventing Walter’s front leg from extending forward as it should. The corrective surgery seemed unsuccessful as Walter appeared to be more uncomfortable from the trauma to the tendon.  After a year of follow-up physical therapy and various pain medications, Walter still had not regained his mobility.  In fact, his energy level and agility continued to decline and he walked with a very short stride or gait as though he was on his tiptoes or “walking on eggshells.”  He usually had to be carried up and down stairs and in and out of the car etc.  (See “before” video — still more than one year after injury.
These symptoms continued for about 16 months after the injury and only began to noticeably resolve after using the ABLE system.  There were no medication changes or other major interventions that could account for the miraculous changes. In April of 2014, Walter began to have good days without limping and then rapidly began to pick-up his pace to the point of running, negotiating large staircases with ease, jumping in and out of the car and more.   His personality became more energized.  He seemed to be more alert and happy and aware of his surroundings, and much more vocal, barking and running around the house like a guard dog.  He now has a great deal of pep in his step and enjoys chasing and retrieving toys and running in the yard with remarkably no residual pain as a result of the increased use of his muscles and joints.  He is now finally thriving again as a young, nearly 4 year old dog should. The rejuvenation process is apparently still in progress, as Walter amazes his owner more every day!   (See after video — July 2014.)


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