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ABLE Membership Plans

Since ABLE transmits prayer energy on a subtle level, the effects may be gradual and accrue over several months. For this reason, we offer ABLE membership for a minimum of a six-month period (and either discount or a payment plan). This allows the energies to have a potentially more profound effect.

ABLE can also benefit children and families. There is a potential synergy when entire families join our ABLE prayer energy service. As one family member becomes more balanced, this can positively impact the others by virtue of their shared energy. There is a discounted price for legal dependents, such as children, pets, or persons for which you have legal guardianship.

In addition to children, we often have pets join the ABLE community. Animals tend to be more receptive to the ABLE transmissions than humans because they don’t have unconscious fears or limiting belief systems regarding ABLE, thus making them potentially clearer receiver of the energy transmissions.

ABLE Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with your ABLE membership, we will refund your membership fees.


ABLE Membership Pricing

(monthly financing available)

Standard Membership
Adult $197 / Six Months
Dependent (Child or Pet) $129 / Six Months


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ABLE is about a dollar per day

Experiencing financial hardship? Consider the ABLE Fellowship Program