Join Our Fellowship Program

We recognize that some prospective ABLE members want to participate, but would experience financial hardship by paying the standard monthly fee. If contributing the fee would be challenging for you, and you are devoted to supporting the ABLE community through prayer and/or meditation, we invite you to participate as a Fellow of ABLE.

We regard this program as an outstanding opportunity for qualified members to contribute to the overall strength and vitality of our collective field.

The ABLE Fellowship Program requires a significant, ongoing commitment of time, intention, and energy. To express our appreciation for this energetic support, we are offering reduced monthly fees to all Fellows. Some key points of the ABLE Fellowship Program:

  • ABLE Fellows are required to perform at least one hour per week total of prayer or meditation. This can be done in one session, or spread out over the course of the week.
  • The intention you should set in your practice is the “balancing of the life energy of the members of ABLE in accordance with their highest good.”
  • Your participation in the ABLE Fellowship Program is by the honor system. You are entrusted to follow through with the meditations.
  • As a way of saying thanks for your energetic support, ABLE fellows benefit from reduced monthly fees.

ABLE Fellowship Pricing

Fellowship Membership
Adult $89 / Six Months
Dependent (Child or Pet) $59 / Six Months

ABLE Fellowship Plans   

ABLE Fellowship Program is about $0.50 per day