Teleconference Community Call

These calls provide a valuable opportunity for ABLE members to explore and deepen their understanding of how the ABLE energy rebalancing system works, how to increase its effectiveness, and how it is related to spirituality. This exploration is done with the assistance of a highly conscious non-physical being who dialogues with the call participants through a designated person acting as a “channel” or “medium.” That person hears the question posed by an ABLE member, and then receives and articulates a clear response from the non-physical being while in a focused, meditative state. The process is broadly similar to that used by Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (of Seth material), and Esther Hicks (of Abraham Material). We are fortunate to have a highly capable channel (and current ABLE member) Amaeya Rae providing this service to us. 

The non-physical being who speaks through Amaeya is an aspect of the divine affectionately known as “GJ.” GJ is partnered with ABLE in supporting the energy transmission process and project.

Many members find the calls useful, informative, and consciousness-raising. Some find it facilitates their engagement with ABLE, increasing their receptivity to the prayer transmissions. The calls are transcribed for the convenience of the members; see links below.

We recognize that not all ABLE members are interested or resonate with these calls. That’s ok! Everyone’s belief system is respected. Participation in the calls is optional. Your benefit from participating in the ABLE system will not be affected by whether you join the calls. If you do want to join the calls, receive emails alerting you to future calls, or read transcripts of previous calls, enter the email address you used to sign up for ABLE.

Greg J. says: “Wonderful call.  I truly felt the spontaneity of the field even with several of the calls seemingly raising similar issues.  The path GJ took to provide enlightenment carried such great and powerful depth of information.  I was not only hearing, I was feeling and embracing you might say as food for both body and spirit. Thank you for the opportunity my friend and please thank Amaeya, Josh, Judy, et al.” 

Upcoming Events

Member’s Teleconference Community Call – Sat Oct 31, 2015 10 AM PST

Guided Meditation Call with Joshua Edwards - Wed Nov 18th at noon PST

Member’s Teleconference Community Call – Sat Nov 28 at 10 AM PST

Guided Meditation Call with Marlin Boisen - Wed Dec 9th at noon PST

Guided Meditation Call – Wed Jan 13 at 10 AM PST

Member’s Teleconference Community Call - Sat Jan 30th at noon PST


Recordings and Transcriptions of Previous Calls

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ABLE is not a substitute for medical or psychological care, but rather, a way of supporting spiritual growth and conscious evolution. Please read the disclaimer for further information and disclosures regarding the ABLE program.