Derek Gerlach and Marlin Boisen are co-creators of ABLE and VitalEssence Water. They are both visionary scientists with heart committed to using their natural gifts and skills to improve the quality of life for everyone and everything on the planet. They believe that through understanding the subtle energy nature of reality helps everyone to access more of our Divinity.

Both Derek and Marlin have been entrepreneurial inventors since early childhood. Derek ran a wide variety of experiments in his lab, and Marlin building unique structures.

Marlin’s remarkable ability to lucidly receive guidance informs their inventions. He also has strong mechanical and fabrication skills. Derek has an engineering background, extensive body of information about science. He is also an avid reading, critical thinker, and expansive visionary quality. They are both aware of the role of consciousness in scientific experiments.


After earning a BS from Ohio State, Derek earned both a Masters Degree and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. He worked for ten years for a number of high tech companies in Silicon Valley doing wireless communication systems design, and holds twenty patents.

Raised as an ardent atheist, Derek began in college to explore spiritual and paranormal possibilities, and to do what he would now call meditation, reflection, and envisioning the future. This led to more systematic forms of meditation, lucid dreaming, and blossoming of his own spirituality.


Marlin2After earning a Bachelors degree from California Polytechnic State University, Marlin earned both a Master’s degree and teaching credential from San Francisco State in Industrial Arts, and the equivalent of a second Master’s degree in psychology from UC Davis. He has been honored for his leadership roles in medical research and developing educational programs for adolescents with multiple disabilities.

Out of his desire to expand his experience of spirituality, Marlin has added to the Christian teachings of his childhood explorations into Buddhism, Taoism, many spiritual perspectives, and aspects of the paranormal.