Not to mention reducing your fulfillment and happiness! Energetic imbalances can be related to family/societal conditioning, previous traumas (including past life traumas), and even genetics. Imbalances may be lessened and/or resolved by providing the proper subtle energy nutrients to your subtle energy bodies.

  • ABLE acts like a subtle energy multivitamin
  • ABLE helps resolve imbalances at their core.
  • ABLE acts as a booster of your personal evolution.
  • Your success with ABLE is helped by your intention and participation in your self-growth.


ABLE acts as a booster of the evolution of your consciousness. The nail sample which you submit forms a link to you, and enables the rebalancing energies to find you 24/7, regardless of your location. There are no products of devices to buy, and you don’t need to come to a clinic.
We place your nail sample on the ABLE subtle energies wheel, and perform an initial prayer, which is, “May your energy bodies be rebalanced in accordance with your highest good.” You may perceive new energy in your field even before the nail sample goes onto the wheel, because you are inviting it by deciding to sign up.

ABLE acts primarily as a booster of your own efforts at self growth, so it is important to stay actively involved in your own life and self-improvement.

No, not harmful. However, the process of your evolution is not always all roses. By signing up for ABLE, you are on a “fast train” for personal growth. For example, after being on ABLE, you may find that certain relationships aren’t appropriate for you anymore. Depending on the circumstance, change can sometimes be a difficult process. On a physical level, some people may experience initial detox effects, which clear over time.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, we invite you to perform your own “energy audit” of ABLE. You can use dowsing, divination, an intuitive check in, or any method you trust. If you don’t have these skills, you can of course also find someone who has these skills that you trust.

As always, your participation in ABLE is voluntary, and just drop us an email at info@ablepath.com if you want to stop.

No. ABLE is not a “cosmic towing service.” ABLE acts as booster of your own evolution, which means that to get benefit from ABLE, you need to be actively involved in your own growth. Through ABLE, you will get more benefit from your efforts, compared to not being on ABLE. Because you need to be engaged in your life to get benefit, ABLE does not make you a dependent.
No. You may find that your practice deepens with ABLE. ABLE tends to boost whatever you put your attention/intention on, spiritual practice included. Great that you have a practice!


Physical Benefits May Include

  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Decreased Stress / Tension
  • Increased “Lightness”

“I wake up more alert and eager to begin the day.”

Emotional Benefits May Include

  • Lowered Stress
  • Less Drama In Relationships
  • Greater Self-Acceptance
  • Increased Confidence

“I have a greater sense of peace and trust in the universe.”

Mental Benefits May Include

  • Increased Clarity & Focus
  • More Drive & Motivation
  • New Perspectives
  • Less attachment to ideas

“Since ABLE I have more clarity and focus.”

Spiritual Benefits May Include

  • More Connected To Divinity
  • Greater Compassion
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Increased Authenticity

“The upsurge of synergy is nothing short of transformative.”

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“We are here to support the evolution of consciousness in all its forms,” Dr. Derek Gerlach, ABLE Founder

Our tools and resources offer additional guidance to help increase your receptivity to the ABLE transmissions, and manifest goals. These include:

  • Monthly Wisdom / Wellness Conference Calls
  • Guided Meditations
  • Private Intuitive Readings (Additional fee applies)
  • An online audio library of wisdom / wellness Q&A dialogs with a higher wisdom being.

Meet the creators of ABLE: Derek and Marlin

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Is ABLE for you? Take this 5 minute quiz and find out

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